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Pied Warty Frog

scientific name: Theloderma asperum

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Cites status: not protected
Geographical Extension: The species has a large area of distribution. It covers parts of northern India, Myanmar, southern China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and even the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Observations from Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal are unclear.
Habitat: Rain forests, to find in water-filled tree holes. Nocturnal
Size: The smallest of the moss frogs remains under 4 cm GL
Life Expectancy: 4 years
Reproduction: The eggs contain only a few eggs usually not much more than 12 Are produced within 4-6 weeks 2-3 eggs that are attached somewhere just above the water level. The tadpoles hatch after 8-10 days. Until the tadpoles into frogs will it take up to 2 months.
Temperature: When daytime temperatures reach 23-26 ° C. At night the temperature should drop slightly (1-2 ° C). If the lighting doesn't bring enough heat in the terrarium, then can you the mats like Thermo Mat PRO which be regulated with Thermo Control Pro II use. For an aqua-terrarium, or a larger pool of water heaters are suitable or even better yet, a "Sorry Link missing" filter.
Humidity: 70-90% here is the use of special techniques such as Super Rain or Super Fog recommended that precise about Humidity Control or PRO Timer can be controlled.
Lighting: "Sorry Link missing" with low UV content in conjunction with the "Sorry Link missing". At twilight and night active animals play the UV component of a subordinate role.
Substrate: As Aquaterrarium, the whole floor with water up to 1-2 islands are covered or you can use a large water tank, which can be removed for cleaning. In that case, a loose, absorbent substrate is introduced. Particularly suitable is for example Jungle Bedding coupled with "Sorry Link missing" and Hydro Fleece to avoid stagnation. Several Moose e.g. "Sorry Link missing" store extra moisture.
Cage Furniture: Ideal is a "Sorry Link missing", which is set up as aqua terrarium. Happy to help animals climb, a sufficient number "Sorry Link missing". Rear-and side wall cladding Xaxim not only look nice but offer the additional animals climbing. A dense vegetation (eg, Ficus benjamina, F. pumila, Scindapsus etc.) complete the setup. Could be useful here also an active ventilation by the "Sorry Link missing" be.
Terrarium Size (for long term care): mind. 30x30x45 for a couple
food: Live insects (eg crickets, grasshoppers or the smaller cockroaches). Alternatively, this special "Sorry Link missing" are offered, this is already Cuttlefish Bone, staggered. It is perhaps necessary animals by the tweezer used to that. The animal occasionally "Sorry Link missing" should be administered are definitely attention.
Comment: night active
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