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Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket LV Mini

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The Thermo Socket LV is an extendable low voltage lamp system which has been developed for low voltage halogen lamps like the Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun LV. For the operation a transformer is necessary which is already included in the Thermo Socket LV Set. Up to 6 lamps can be attached to one transformer over a plug and socket connection. Using the transformer of the Lucky Reptile Jungle Lamp or a mixed operation of Jungle Lamp and Thermo Socket LV on one transformer is possible as well.
The Thermo Socket LV can be placed on top of the terrarium or installed into the terrarium lid with its attachment parts. Lamp and socket are fully covered by a reflector and protected from contact by animals through a wiremesh.

The Thermo Socket LV Set is equipped with a halogen transformer suitable for 20-105W. The minimum load is one 20W lamp or two 10W Halogen Sun LV. The allowed maximum wattage is 105W which can be achieved e.g. by 3x 35W but also 3x 20W plus 1x 35W and 1x 10W. A lot of other lamp combinations are possible. The system is extremely flexible and capable.

Thermo Socket LV Mini Set63246
Thermo Socket LV Mini63247
Thermo Socket LV Mini Set "UK Version"63246UK

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