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Lucky Reptile Super Rain - Mist System

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Lucky Reptile Super Rain is a high performance mist system. It has a powerful low voltage pump that achieves up to 120 L/h and 6,5 bar. The system can be used with over 15 spray nozzles and is suitable for more than one terrarium at once.
The system is shipped complete with 3 spray nozzles, 1 dripping valve, water filter, water container and all necessary connectors.
The spray nozzles have an angle of 50° and can be pointed into any desired direction thanks to the special attachement system. With the supplied suction cups installation in glass terrariums is easy and flexible. The nozzles can be positioned as desired without the need for holes.
In addition a dripping valve is supplied that can be used for watering the plants inside the terrarium. Often plants will not get enough water simply by spraying.
Thanks to the filter the water can be pumped out directly of the water part of your terrarium/paludarium creating a closed circuit. A overflow valve prevents that the pump can be damaged in case of blocked nozzles.

Available with UK plug!

Super Rain - Mist System62311
Super Rain - Mist System "UK Version"623111
Super Rain II - Mist System62345

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