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Lucky Reptile Thermo Control PRO II

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The Thermo Control PRO II is a modified Thermo Control II. The main difference is the realtime clock and two temperature time zones which make it possible to set different temperatures for day and night. The switching between Day/Night mode is realized through the clock.
Contrary to the Thermo Control II the smallest time unit of the timer is one minute. Two possible ON/OFF times can be set like with a normal timer.
In addition the device can be switched from Heating to Cooling mode, e.g. for using fans.
The maximum load is 1000W and the temperature area is 0°-50°C.

Note: In the past one batch produced an error under certain conditions in a larger scale. This problem has been resolved and all current batches work without fault. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Available with UK plug!

Thermo Control PRO II62122
Thermo Contro PRO II "CH Version"62122CH
Thermo Contro PRO II "UK Version"62132
Thermo Contro PRO II "Australia Version"62122AU

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